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Blending “Name That Tune” with “Bingo”! 

Participants can easily play at their seats and must identify the songs played by our host to win. The first person to identify the songs and get Five-In-A-Row wins each round! This is great for family restaurants, bars and as a private event activity.  


Supplies we provide: MINGO playing cards, Marking utensils, Sound 

System, Desirable Prizes, Lively Host



Everyone loves Karaoke! 

Our talented and entertaining hosts will lead your party or venue into a music experience they won’t forget! Our database is one of the largest available consisting of over 30,000 songs! Participants will be able to read the lyrics accompanied by backup vocals when available. 


Supplies we provide: HDMI Connection to Venue Monitor, Secondary Monitor (if needed), Wireless microphones, Always-Up-to-Date Song Library, Sound System, Lively Host



The classic game of wits!

Trivia is a great weekly product for restaurants, bars and private events. We curate new trivia questions every week, ranging from simple to difficult, so they are always relevant to audiences and keep them on their toes.

Supplies we provide: Trivia answer sheets, Marking utensils, Sound System, Desirable Prizes, Lively Host


Private Events

Let's bring the party to you!

Do you have a special event coming up? Our hosts are mobile and can come to your location! We can mix and match games, DJ your event, and personalize our games to you.


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Corporate Events

Treat your employees!

Corporate events are a great way to show employee appreciation, create team-building opportunities, and blow off some steam after a tough week! Pour Entertainment has been recognized as a fun and cost effective way to do something memorable for the most important part of your company.


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Combined Events

Mix and match!

Maybe you want to fill an event with half-Trivia, half-Karaoke?  Let’s say you want your DJ to play a game of Music Bingo at your high-school reunion?  We can mix and bundle our products to give your event exactly the activities needs. We’ve got you covered!

DJ Your Event

Let the beat bump!

Need a DJ for your upcoming celebration? Our DJ’s have over 10 years experience providing engaging soundscapes for weddings, school dances, parties and where ever you need music!

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